12W 100-450mA CC DALI-2 DT6/DT8 tunable white

LED driver SE-12-100-450-W2D


Intelligent LED Driver

• Adopt SAMSUNG/COVESTRO V0 flame-resistant polycarbonate
protective housings with small size and lightweight.
• The clamshell design and screwless type for strain-relief, tensile
strength of wires complies with the 0.5-1.5mm²wire diameter 60N
tensile test, and complies with the tensile test standard GB7000.1-
• Soft-on and fade-in dimming function enhances your visual comfort.
• T-PWM dimming technology allows continuous and flicker-free images
under high-speed shooting.
• Dimming from 0~100%, down to 0.01%.
• 0-100% flicker-free dimming with high-frequency exemption level.
• Innovative thermal management technology protects the power
life intelligently.
• Multi-current & wide voltage, suitable for different power LEDs.
• Class 2 LED driver, full protective plastic housing.
• Comply with Safety Extra Low Voltage standard.
• Overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection, and automatic recovery.
• Suitable for indoor light applications of I/ II/ II type.
• Up to 50000-hour lifetime.
• 5 -year warranty (Rubycon capacitor).

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Triac leading edge/ELV trailing edge (0-100% dimming range)


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